The Importance of Identity for Water Polo

My today’s guest is Mr. James Graham. James is the head coach for the University of Pacific. Stockton, California. James used to be my coach. For all of yous this is just another interview. It’s not… Our today’s interview is all about Water polo, USA. Collegiate and other water polos that we can find within a country like the United States. It’s been more then eleven years since our paths separated. What has changed since with James and with the US Water polo you can find in this interview. So without further ado…

Water Polo in the Magical Egypt

Halo everybody. Ever had a feeling of just wanting to let go of everything and travel to Egypt to study old manuscripts and relics from the ancient Egyptian kingdoms? No? Guess I am the only one then haha. Today we will find more about this prehistoric place and its water polo players. What I can already tell from my research and excavations, which took place on Google, is that the first ever historical mention of people swimming originates from Egypt and dates back more then 12 000 years. Egypt was once a land where Gods could walk and swim the earth freely. Today there are no more Gods in Egypt, but there are water polo players. Close enough for me. In today’s interview we will not speak about Egypt past, but of its present and its future. So without any further ado Mr. Big B himself, Mr. Mohamed Nabil Bolbol.

A importância das estatísticas para o pólo aquático

Os homens mentem, as mulheres mentem,mas os números nunca mentem.Será mesmo assim? Vamos descobrir na conversa de hoje.Em 2010, o nosso convidado de hoje, Paulo Tejo,Treinador Português de Natação e Pólo Aquático, na sua Tese de Mestrado estudou os indicadores Tácticos em Superioridade Numérica comparando a Euro Liga, o CampeonatoItaliano e o Campeonato do Mundo.

The Importance of Sports Psychology and Mental Health for Water Polo

Halo everybody. Lets talk about Mental Health. Today we will get to the bottom of this topic. Is mental health something new, or have people been dealing with something similar all our existences and generations? What does mental health mean within the sports world and what does it mean within the other worlds, I will try to find out from our todays guest. This is the topic that was on peoples mouths and ears for years now, but the need for this type of dialog, awareness and understanding has skyrocketed since the recent development of events. So without any further ado, Professor of sport psychology and an official psychologist for the Croatian National Water polo Team and many other athletes of the same caliber Mrs.Renata Barić.

The Importance of Media for Water Polo

Halo everybody. I hope you are all having a nice day. My today’s guest is Mr. Marko Štefanek. Co-founder of the biggest water polo news media outlet out there, Total Waterpolo. I don’t know exactly when they were founded, I just know that out of nowhere they were here and they instantly became a part of the water polo fabric.

The Importance of Statistics for Water Polo

Men lie, Women lie, but numbers never lie. Is it really like that? We will find out in today’s conversation. In 2010, our today’s guest Mr. Paulo Tejo, a Water Polo and Swimming Coach from Portugal, wrote his Master Thesis on the Man up Comparison between the Euroleague, Italian Championship and the World Championship.

Waterpolo Podcast

My todays opponent is a native of Hannover, Germany. He is also a Former Webmanager at IBM, a Former Consultant for Digital Workplace solutions at GIS (Gesellschaft für InformationsSysteme AG), a Senior Consultant at IPI GmbH, the Host of the Digital Workplace Podcast at IPI GmbH and the reigning, defending, undisputed Host of the Waterpolo Expert Talk Podcast Mr. Andreas Schulze-Kopp.

The Love of Goalkeeping

Our today’s guest is an author and a goalkeeper. Our today’s guest is an author because he is a goalkeeper. One of the goalkeeper GOATs, in any sport, and three time American Olympian Craig “Lefty” Wilson had this to say about the book that our today’s guest wrote: “Definitely comprehensive through many levels of analysis, suggestions, principals and just plain “street smarts”.