Fantasy Olympics Day 4 – Today was a Good Day

Just wakin’ up in tha morning, gotta thank god.

I saw Balasz Erdely without a goal, kinda odd.

Tomasević also remained scoreless, no smog

But thankfully Blai Mallarach cooked two goals, no hog

I had Vidović on my bench, but it didn’t play out

Finally had goal, assist and he dug a steal out

Bijač had an amazing game that’s fo sho

Im thinkin “Obradovic is playing like hes twenty-fo?”

I gotta put Vuksanović in my next draft top

Cuz if he hit the switch, he can make the goal drop

Next game, Paulo isn’t the one

But never mind, we don’t hesitate to call Macan the top gun

In the last game Angelos shot nothing, shot the Blimp

But today Vlachopoulos was the Pimp.

Third as hell, under pressure no chokkin up

Halfway home, and MVPs are still blowing up

Today, we didn’t even have to use our AK

We gotta say, today was a good day.

Hello everybody. We are at the half point of this by now epic Fantasy tournament. Yours truly is still holding his own. Sitting comfortable in the third spot and we are very very close to our arch rivals VU Dance. We are so close to them that we have breached all the measurements and all the safety protocols. We are so close to them that it could be considered illegal. Because of some rules last round I was not allowed to draft Srđan Vuksanović to my team, but if I did I would have been well in front of our Arch Rivals whose name we don’t need to repeat so often. Hopefully I will get Srđan for his last game of the tournament and Srđan if you are reading this… You know what you got to do. No prisoners allowed. The UOP duo made out of Tomasević and Erdely did not have the best day, but we hope that the next one could be one for the ages. At least for Tomasević. He will not go out without a bang. Vlachopoulos is back in his usual form. Just like Bijač. 12 goals was a bit too much, but so was 15 blocks he made. I will rest Paolo Obradović in the next game and Marko Macan will get his chance to prove his worth. In the end. We are ready and prepared for the quarter finals, but first we have one more group game to play and a lot of factors are playing some big roles here. A lot of teams could end up with the same number of points. Goals are always important, but now they are even importanter. God bless you all and we will see us on the other side of the group stage. And then we can truly say. Let the games begin. MVPs on three. One. Two. Three. MVPs!!