Fantasy Olympics day 5 6 – Our Ship is Sinking

Hello everybody. Sorry for not writing for a few days, but I was on a nice trip with my family. I have followed and watched everything waterpolo related, but it was hard to sit down and write a few words about the progress of my Fantasy team. It was hard to sit down because it was obvious that our ship was sinking. Team MVP is going down down down. Its going down down down. Our rankings have plummeted and the changes I have made have not turned out the way they should have. On top of that I have also been dealing with a small headache for the last two days, but now my head is good. Let us continue.

One of the most bizarre situations to affect our ship was the exclusion of our newcomer on board Mr. Srdjan Vuksanovic. I decided to bring Srdjan on our team for the last leg of the group stage.  Even though his Kazakhstan has lost all of their matches, Srdjan has been very dominant and has usually collected a lot of Fantasy points. I could have changed him for either Erdely or Bukic, as Srdjan plays on the left side. I opted to change him for Bukic and later have seen this as a mistake in my calculations. As a goalkeeper I see some mistakes that players do on the defense and I could not not see some stuff. Even though Bukic has been bringing me some points, but as a goalkeeper at heart I could not tolerate the defense he was playing, even though our Fantasy system doesn’t calculate some of the defending efforts, me as a goalkeeper could sleep peacefully knowing I get points at the cost of goals. Mistake on my part. To make things even worse, Vuksanovic got ejected from the game after only few minutes of playing time. The reason was that he allegedly put something on his skin to make himself more slippery. Our sources are telling us that this is not true. We will not speak more about this until the situation is resolved. What we can say is that MVPs are winners, and not fair-players. This type of behavior we do not condone, but we actually support it. We don’t care if Vuksanovic had done what the official had said that he has done. From what we hear he had not done what was said that he has done and even worse, the right protocol was not followed for a situation like this. This was a big blow to our team from which we have not yet been able to recover. On top of that, our starting center defender Paolo Obradovic has been dealing with some sort of a rib injury. I don’t know how did this information got into public, but it got out and it definitively has affected Paolos playing time, style and efficiency. In every first quarter, Marko Bijac gives me so much optimism, but then by the end of the game it just becomes obvious that he cannot hold the entire Croatian defense. I could piggy back of what I already said about the defending style of Bukic, which is nonexistent. For every point he gives me in offence, he later takes away from Bijac in defense. I have not changed anything on my right side. Mr. Mallarach and Mr. Vlachopoulos have played their roles in their teams very well, but unfortunately that has affected their Fantasy points. As far as I am conserned, goals in semifinals and finals should count as double in the Fantasy league, but hey. That’s just me.

In the aftermath of the group stage I have lost my starting center Tomasevic and have changed him for the Spanish center, Mr. Del Torro. Just like Mr. Mallarach and Mr. Vlachopoulos, he has played an important role for his team, but was unfortunately unable to bring me any significant points. I have also changed my second center defender Marko Macan for the Italian Renzuto. I got very angry at Marko when I saw one specific situation in the game against Spain, that I just yelled “out with him” towards my phone. I must admit that that was an emotional mistake on my part and now I am stuck with Renzuto and injured Obradovic. Renzuto is not playing good and I am hoping that he will try to make a good effort in the last two games of the Olympics. He will get the starting position in the next round. I have big worries with Marko Bijac because he will not play his next game. That means that he will bring me a total of 0.00 points. Interestingly in the game against Hungarians because of the amount of received goals he brought me a total of -1.90 points. As a goalkeeper speaking about another goalkeeper of Bijac’s class and level, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Anyways we are standing strong and we will fight till the end. The combined amount of points we got in the last two rounds would probably give us enough points to win a medal in the triple jump. Maybe even a goal medal, but we will not tell you the actual score. Let us just say that out of 10 participants of our Fantasy league, the MVPs are in the 7th spot. Nevermind. Two rounds before the end, it does not look good for the MVPs, but we will try to persist and learn for the next time. Never have I ever watched so much waterpolo during the Olympic games, and never have I ever watched so little of the rest of the Olympic games. MVPs on three. One, two, three. MVP!!


At the end of these Olympic games I will be deleting my Facebook account. Reasons are personal, but you will still be able to follow me and my articles on my so called “fan page” account under the same name Tomo Bujas.