Fantasy Olympics Day 7 & 8 – It’s about competing, not winning.

Hello everybody. We have reached the end the Olympic tournament and also the end of our Fantasy Olympics tournament. When you google „What is the purpose of the Olympics?“ the answer which comes out is this: „The Olympic Games are an international sports festival, held every four years. The ultimate goals are to cultivate human beings, through sport, and contribute to world peace.“

I think that it same goes for the Fantasy Olympics. The ultimate goal is not winning, or achieving your dreams. No no no no. These shallow things didn’t interest me one bit. Beating VU Dance has never interested me. When after the first round my team, The MVPs, was at the top of the rankings, I was not happy because of that. No no no no. I was happy because of the fun competition between waterpolo media people and me. I was not arrogant and jolly because of it, but instead I felt content that I am somehow contributing to world peace. I love world peace and would do everything for it. I love the flying doves and kids smiling. I support a friendly handshake after each game. I love when athletes respect themselves. The score is irrelevant. It’s all just about competing and „cultivating better human beings“. There was ten of us competing in this year’s Fantasy Olympics and just because my team ended up placing seventh it don’t meant that I am disappointed, or mad, or bitter, or angry, or frustrated, or maybe even a bit depressed. Or maybe even annoyed, or maybe even hurt. No no no no. This stuff did not affect me at all. In the end it’s all about the world peace. It has nothing to do with winning. Winning is bad for you. I personally think that all winners should be punished for putting winning in front of world peace. I think we should all publicly disgrace them somehow. I am not bitter about losing because I am not a loser, I am a competitor. Winning this Fantasy Olympics tournament was the last thing on my mind. I am not annoyed that VU Dance, my arch-rival, ended up winning the tournament. No, that did not bother me at all…

Who am I kidding…? F… the Olympics, F… the Fantasy Olympics, f… everything. And you know what? F… the flying doves and all the „better humans“ too. What is so glorious about being a better human being anyways? By the end of the tournament I was so disappointed, as you might see. I still am disappointed, as you might feel. I might never recover from this fiasco. This one stung hard. And on top of my fiasco, VU Dance won?! Like it did not hurt enough that I ended placing seventh, but now I have to deal with VU Dance winning. I almost broke my phone when I saw the end results. I kinda knew it, but still hoped, but was kinda aware, but I kinda prayed to God for a miracle, but kinda was dreading the worst, but kinda hoped… anyways f… the Fantasy Olympics and the horse they rode in. Yesterday I saw Balasz Erdely, my left side player, posting a smiling picture of himself with his little bronze Olympic medal. Bro, what the f… is wrong with you? How can you smile when we finished seventh? I might send all of my players to go work in some coal mines, or something “similar” so they rethink their actions a little bit.

But before this bitter end, I must admit that I have enjoyed these Olympics more than any other Olympics prior. I am a type of guy who rarely watches waterpolo. And I must admit, I have never watched so much waterpolo as I had in the last two weeks. Fantasy Olympics had a lot to do with that fact, but not only because of it. I haven’t watched any other sport, besides waterpolo. Some stuff would pop up on my phone, but honestly I didn’t really care. Not even about athletics, wrestling, basketball, karate, surfing, skateboarding, women’s power lifting, or even the most entertaining sport of them all… swimming khmkhm. Waterpolo got me hooked. I have never had so much fun watching Olympics as this year, until the fantastically bitter heartbreaking end that is. Every day I watched at least one to two games, but I have checked the statistics for all of them. And I mean all of them. Waterpolo even became a part of my morning ritual. I would wake up make me some coffee, eat me some watermelon, smoke me some cigarettes and all along I was watching waterpolo on my screen. My mornings are somehow empty and hollow for the last few days. I must admit Total Waterpolo was doing a very good job with their statistics. I must admit some other people were also trying to do a good job. Some of them succeeded, some of them didn’t, but nevertheless it was still fun to watch my whole waterpolo community actively interacting one with another. I presume that the communities of other sports were also active, but I didn’t care about them. I was enjoying and having fun with and within my waterpolo community. Maybe I am a simple human being, but besides my family, waterpolo and some money I don’t need anything else in my life. Fantasy Waterpolo was really a blast. It really was. I kinda miss it now. At the end of all of this Fantasy experience one thing was not fantasy, one thing was obviously real. This new generation of waterpolo people is real and they are not going anywhere. Not that they are not going anywhere, but they will only grow bigger and stronger. This means that I will eventually get my Fantasy revenge to beat VU Dance. I am still heartbroken and probably will be for some time, but hey if Gloria Gaynor could survive, so can I. This Fantasy experience is one that will help me in more ways than one. Firstly it will help me in my next Fantasy Waterpolo competition, and more importantly it will help me in the pool playing waterpolo. How? I won’t share that with you now. Besides beating VU Dance, in the close future I hope to be one of the players that you can choose as your starting goalkeeper, but until that day comes…

Final standings