Fantasy Waterpolo

Gabriella's Szucs from the U.S controls the ball during their women's preliminary round Group A water polo match against Hungary at the Water Polo Arena at the London 2012 Olympic Games, July 30, 2012. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT OLYMPICS WATER POLO) ORG XMIT: OLYRP229

Hello everybody. It’s me again and I hope all of you are doing well. So far in my articles and interviews I have written, or discussed, about every major topic related with water polo. From the importance of women to Water polo video games, sports psychology, sports identity, mental health, sports statistics, media, social media, media law, etc. I have done interviews with people from Brazil and Iceland to Egypt, Uzbekistan and all the way down to Australia. My articles were published on Croatian, English, Portuguese and Macedonian languages. The point of writing about such a broad panel of topics is to get as much different readers as possible which would in return hopefully later have some interest in my water polo goalkeeping. Today I will speak about another very lucrative sports business industry. Fantasy sports.

According to Wikipedia, in 2019 in Usa and Canada alone fantasy sports industry has generated well over 7 billion dollars. I will repeat that, 7 BILLION. Believe it or not, but even our sport has recently started to take interest in this business situation a bit more seriously. There were fantasy leagues being played for a few years now and this year I somehow got myself involved playing an Olympic Fantasy league with the people involved with the biggest and the most influential media outlets that our sport has. To be honest, this situation is not ideal for me. I am on a holiday in my home town of Split eating Pršut for breakfast and eating Pršut for dinner, already preparing myself mentally for the next season. Any day now I should start with my training and preparation, but this is an opportunity which I could not let pass. We have people from Total Waterpolo, Waterpoloportal, Vaterpolo Vesti, danč, VLV, Podcast Pod Kapicom, Noticias do Polo. To repeat myself. I have to start training soon, so this is just going to take extra time and energy from me, but in order for me to get some extra attention and possibly some sponsor money in the future, I have to do stuff which don’t always comply with my training regimen. All of you should try to get your names out there as much as possible, and to do that you sometimes have to do stuff which you don’t want to do. Like me writing this article way past midnight. Lately I have decided to write only on my mother’s tongue and writing about this Fantasy league has caught me a bit off guard, but it has to be done. Never forget, you might get paid for playing, but to add those extra zeroes on top, you will have to promote and you cannot promote if nobody is listening.

So what is this Fantasy Sports League? Up until this week I had no clear idea myself. I mean, I have heard about it, but never really gave it much thought. Somehow I got myself involved with this interesting group of people playing this fantasy league and today was our draft day. What is draft day you ask yourself? Well I will explain it to you with the same words that were used to explain it to all of us.

“First step is the draft. Every fantasy team needs to select ten players in ten rounds of draft. First seven players are for the first team and three substitutions in the end. In the first round the first team by rank order will select a player first and so on till the last tenth team gets to select their first player. In the second round the tenth team from the draft will select first and so on to the first team from the rank which will pick last in the second round. The same principle will follow to the end. For example, let’s say draft rank number one will be team Total Waterpolo. He will select first in round 1, last in round 2, first in round 3, last in round 4 and so on… In the first round you may select every available player. One player may be in only one fantasy team. For example first team picks Ivovic, so Ivovic is unavailable for every other team. In the first seven rounds you have to select your first team. That means you have to select one goalkeeper, one center back, one center forward, two players for the right side and two players for the left side. For example if you select a goalkeeper in the first round, you are not able to select other goalkeeper in the next six rounds. In the last three draft rounds you may select any available player you want and any position. There are no restrictions there. There are no restrictions in number of players by countries. So if you want you are allowed to select players only from the same country. After the draft we will have eight rounds of competition. Five matches in the group create five fantasy rounds. After that we will have three more rounds. Quarter-finals, semi-finals and the finals. Every player will play first five rounds, after that some will not play, so be prepare for that from the start. After every round, you will be able to replace two of your players with the free agents. Current position on the table will determine who will have the advantage of taking free players. The last team will have the right to pick first.”

I hope you understood that as clearly as I did. Now comes the interesting part. Each player and goalkeepers score is based on certain elements like goals, turnovers, exclusions, assists, blocks, etc which after each leg will get calculated and you will get your final score. For example I have Marko Bijač on goal, Paolo Obradović as center defender and Stefan Vidović on the right side. So if at the end of the game the score for Bijač is 10, for Obradović 7 and for Vidović 5 that will be calculated as 22 for my team. And then you add all the other players and their scores and you will get my teams score for that leg of the Olympic championship, in this case. The score from each leg will be added on top to the score you have made in the last leg(s). Somewhere in this article my editor will put the scoring system that we have for this Olympic Games. We will get all our stats from the statistical database created by our friends from Total Waterpolo which is far more superior to any other “official” statistical database. You can find their database on this link here:

During the course of these Olympic Games I will write more about the progress of our Fantasy tournament and its competitors. I can already tell you that things are getting heated. For most of us this tournament is the closest we will ever get to playing at the Olympic Games so everybody is taking it very seriously haha. At the bottom you will see what players we all chose for our teams. I think the fantasy league could be just as interesting, if not even more interesting, then the actual thing haha. Just kidding, but I must add that I planned not to get myself emotionally involved and as we were drafting our players I did noticed how I got pretty annoyed when some players that I wanted to pick got taken away haha. In the end I do care a little about winning this tournament, but I care a lot about being ranked higher then my editor from danč haha. I can only presume that my editor cares the same, maybe even more. Up until this point he is not showing any signs of nervousness at the moment, but I think that will change as rounds start to roll and he ends up kissing my behind at the rankings haha. Thank you for reading and have a day.

Round: 1
Vu Danče

  1. GK Del Lungo Marco GK 0,00
  2. CB Okawa Keigo CB 0,00
  3. CF Tahull Roger CF 0,00
  4. LS1 Perrone Felipe LS 0,00
  5. LS2 Ivovic Aleksandar LS 0,00
  6. RS1 Echenique Gonzalo RS 0,00
  7. RS2 Garcia Gadea Javier RS 0,00
  8. SUB1 Sanahuja Bernat CB 0,00
  9. SUB2 Kapotsis Marios RS 0,00
  10. SUB3 Vavic Marko RS 0,00
  11. GK Bijac Marko GK 0,00
  12. CB Obradović Paulo CB 0,00
  13. CF Tomasevic Goran CF 0,00
  14. LS1 Erdelyi Balazs LS 0,00
  15. LS2 Bukic Luka LS 0,00
  16. RS1 Vlachopoulos Angelos RS 0,00
  17. RS2 Vidovic Stefan RS 0,00
  18. SUB1 Obert Alex CF 0,00
  19. SUB2 Hosznyansky Norbert CB 0,00
  20. SUB3 Macan Marko CB 0,00
    Total Waterpolo fantasy
  21. GK Holland Drew GK 0,00
  22. CB Renzuto Iodice Vincenzo CB 0,00
  23. CF Vrlic Josip CF 0,00
  24. LS1 Papanastasiou Alexandros LS 0,00
  25. LS2 Munarriz Alberto LS 0,00
  26. RS1 Mallarach Blai RS 0,00
  27. RS2 Fernandez Francisco RS 0,00
  28. SUB1 Hallock Ben CF 0,00
  29. SUB2 Zerdevas Emmanouil GK 0,00
  30. SUB3 Hooper Jonny LS 0,00
    Pod kapicom
  31. GK Mitrovic Branislav GK 0,00
  32. CB Aleksic Milan CB 0,00
  33. CF Lazic Djordje CF 0,00
  34. LS1 Mitrovic Stefan LS 0,00
  35. LS2 Fountoulis Ioannis LS 0,00
  36. RS1 Filipovic Filip RS 0,00
  37. RS2 Dedovic Nikola RS 0,00
  38. SUB1 Randjelovic Sava CB 0,00
  39. SUB2 Bustos Sanchez Alejandro CB 0,00
  40. SUB3 Kolomvos Christodoulos CF 0,00
    Vaterpolo vesti
  41. GK Pijetlovic Gojko GK 0,00
  42. CB Presciutti Nicholas CB 0,00
  43. CF Bodegas Michael Alexandre CF 0,00
  44. LS1 Prlainovic Andrija LS 0,00
  45. LS2 di Fulvio Francesco LS 0,00
  46. RS1 Zalanki Gergo RS 0,00
  47. RS2 Irving Max RS 0,00
  48. SUB1 Famera Martin CB 0,00
  49. SUB2 Velotto Alessandro LS 0,00
  50. SUB3 Adachi Seiya RS 0,00
  51. GK Kandic Slaven GK 0,00
  52. CB Buslje Andro CB 0,00
  53. CF Pijetlovic Dusko CF 0,00
  54. LS1 Rasovic Strahinja LS 0,00
  55. LS2 Fatovic Loren LS 0,00
  56. RS1 Ukropina Aleksa RS 0,00
  57. RS2 Milos Lovre RS 0,00
  58. SUB1 Vuksanovic Srdjan LS 0,00
  59. SUB2 Spaic Vladan CF 0,00
  60. SUB3 Skoumpakis Dimitros CB 0,00
  61. GK Vogel Soma GK 0,00
  62. CB Jaksic Nikola CB 0,00
  63. CF Mourikis Konstantinos CF 0,00
  64. LS1 Vukicevic Ante LS 0,00
  65. LS2 Younger Aaron LS 0,00
  66. RS1 Vamos Marton RS 0,00
  67. RS2 Figlioli Pietro RS 0,00
  68. SUB1 Matkovic Dusan LS 0,00
  69. SUB2 del Toro Miguel CF 0,00
  70. SUB3 Power Nathan CB 0,00
    Wet Fantasy
  71. GK Lopez Pinedo Daniel GK 0,00
  72. CB Cupido Luca CB 0,00
  73. CF Loncar Luka CF 0,00
  74. LS1 Granados Ortega Alvaro LS 0,00
  75. LS2 Inaba Yusuke LS 0,00
  76. RS1 Jokovic Maro RS 0,00
  77. RS2 Howden Rhys RS 0,00
  78. SUB1 Larumbe Marc RS 0,00
  79. SUB2 Dervisis Georgios CB 0,00
  80. SUB3 Gkiouvetsis Konstantinos LS 0,00

    Sarlatan Fantasy
  81. GK Dennerley Joel GK 0,00
  82. CB Agryropoulos Stylianos CB 0,00
  83. CF Perkovic Miroslav CF 0,00
  84. LS1 Daube Hannes LS 0,00
  85. LS2 Luongo Stefano LS 0,00
  86. RS1 Mandic Dusan RS 0,00
  87. RS2 Genidounias Konstantinos RS 0,00
  88. SUB1 Arai Atsushi LS 0,00
  89. SUB2 Petkovic Marko LS 0,00
  90. SUB3 Dolce Vincenzo RS 0,00
    BT Infinity
  91. GK Nagy Viktor GK 0,00
  92. CB Angyal Daniel CB 0,00
  93. CF Harai Balasz CF 0,00
  94. LS1 Varga Denes LS 0,00
  95. LS2 Manhertz Kristian LS 0,00
  96. RS1 Brguljan Drasko RS 0,00
  97. RS2 Bowen Alex RS 0,00
  98. SUB1 Aicardi Matteo CF 0,00
  99. SUB2 Roach Aidan LS 0,00
  100. SUB3 Cuckovic Uros CB 0,0