Foreign Coaches

Few weeks ago in one of my interviews I have spoken about the effects of limiting, or not limiting, foreign players within a certain league. (You can read it here) And with that being said, let us speak about the coaches.

Should we limit the amount of foreign coaches within a certain league? Should we allow only three foreign coaches per league? Should we allow a certain club to have a maximum of 3 foreign coaches? But then on the other side, cultural diversity is a very important factor in today’s world, so one could make a case that every club should have a least one foreign coach within its structure. While we are at it, should each club have at least one female coach? Is our sport healthy and stable enough that we can put even more expectations on our clubs? What about National Teams? Should we also limit who can coach National teams? What if the coach of a certain national team is only allowed to be someone who has the same nationality as its players? How would that affect the development of our game? The job of a coach is to simultaneously develop someone as a human being and as a player. Have you ever went somewhere and experienced culture shock? So how can a coach properly raise kids within a culture that is not his/hers?

On this world you have places where you have to address your water polo coach as “Mr. Coach”, and then you have places where a coach has to beg “Mr.Child” to do the training that he asked him to do. Could a certain league, or a nation, improve on its own without any help from “the side”? Does our sport need good and qualified coaches to travel the world, like some water polo missionaries, and spread the word that is water polo? Can sometimes a bad local coach and/or player do more damage than good for the local water polo club? What would our sport look like if the coaches from the Balkan Peninsula were not allowed to leave their mountain surroundings and train non Balkan countries and peoples? Would Water polo become Balkan polo, or would something else happen? All I know is that it is important to do everything in measurements. Even poisons can be healthy when distributed in the right amounts. We will see who will try to be the water polos Mithridates.

My name is Tomo Bujas and thank you for reading.


This applies only for the amateur sport. Professionals know no nations, just business.