Waterpolo fight, but outside the water.

I will try to keep this short and sweet. The other day certain LEN accreditations were suspended. They belonged to a media outlet named Total Waterpolo. The reason why they are not anymore welcomed  during this European Championship in Budapest was their article on the process of how LEN chooses the best European Player for the last year.

To be honest I personally tried somehow to add those numbers and it didn’t made sense to me either. So I see their point. Well, actually we don’t know what the official explanation for suspending their accreditations is, because they never got one. This is my take on all of this. I have no sympathy towards Total Waterpolo. How dare they question somebody like LEN, or to try and make our sport more transparent. How dare they to try and understand our sport. How dare they keep LEN in check. Sorry LEN because they are naive. They don’t understand that LEN keeps LEN in check, and that that’s how the thing work around here. Total Waterpolo has 14 000 followers more then we here at dance.hr. Actually LEN unwillingly and unknowingly probably helped this little media outlet. And with that being said about the Total Waterpolo I must add something to LEN also. Not giving an immediate explanation to the shameless Total Waterpolo is very Sheriff like. No matter how much better you are in Math then Total Waterpolo employees (and yes they are employees because, unlike the Sheriffs, they put their own money in) it doesn’t give anybody any right to do something to them without an explanation. Total Waterpolo and LEN are both the slaves to the same master. Without Waterpolo both of them are meaningless.

We all don’t think the same. Even on this blog we have people who think completely different on the same topic, but that is not something that plays any role. No matter what anybody thinks about „The Poolshit“ article that Mr. Stefanek wrote, the way LEN dealt with it is the reason why our sport is where it is. Waterpolo doesn’t need people who differentiate Right from Wrong, Good and Bad, Profitable and not Profitable. Waterpolo needs people who are not afraid to have a dialog. People at LEN think that they can just ignore social media as a platform because their mechanisms are too old to adapt to them. LEN, I am here to tell you that this shit is for real. Marko invested his money into this. You ain’t gonna get rid of him. I suggest that you start to have some dialogs, and Total Waterpolo is a good place to start from. Don’t sell me anymore of your stuff which worked during the cold-war era. Yes I just called you old, out-dated and inefficient. LEN. You are here for us. We are not here for you. You and We are here to improve our sport which in return enriches our lives. Never forget that. Now I hope that everybody understood everything and that you kids will stop fighting from now on. Of you go…